Hola! My name is Iduma.

I am a Holistic Health & Fitness Coach and a certified Pilates and Yoga Instructor.

I love traveling and I have been fortunate to live and work as a Fitness Trainer in different countries such as Italy, Germany, Bermuda, Singapore and currently USA. I was born in Mexico, City.

My passion and mission is to educate, support and empower women and men who are struggling with poor energy, stress, weight gain, un-healthy habits, inflammation, body aches and pains, feel confused and cannot find purpose in their lives.

Twenty years ago when I started teaching fitness classes I thought all you needed to do to be healthy and fit was to exercise ” a lot”. I thought that by doing too much “cardio-exercise” you could eat all you wanted to eat and look good all the time…….little did I know! I was fit but not healthy! I started experiencing low energy levels, insomnia, digestive problems and weight gain around my hips!

I then realized that I needed to take a different approach to re-gain my health. By integrating smart exercise choices (not just cardio), eating real whole food and some lifestyle changes I started to feel really good for the first in my life as it was not just physically but mentally and emotionally too. I lost the excess weight around my hips, started to feel energetic all day long and regulated my digestion. There is no one single solution that works for everybody. Getting healthy is a journey and it can be fun! Let me guide you to experience true health in a unique, interesting and personal way. No “Diets, Depravation or Quick Fixes”.

hnldi   Iduma Ortega


“Be the change that you want to see in the world.”